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Keyboarding programs have reached a new level of sophistication.

Sunburst Technologies has released their latest version of Type to Learn (TTL4) and it is revolutionary.  (I must admit that I worked as a consultant to Sunburst Technologies in the development of this product, but I believe that you will agree with me when you see what it includes.)

TTL4 is a research-based keyboarding program that is designed to provide a K – 12 keyboarding curriculum. This curriculum is divided into three parts (grades K-2, 3-6, 7-12) to provide age-appropriate content and reading levels.  Using an integrated cycle of assessment, review, demonstration and practice, TTL4 uses a gaming context to introduce students to keyboarding and motivate them to learn key location and strengthen they keyboarding skills.  The students play the role of “Agents of Information” to save the world by entering and managing information efficiently and effectively.

Here is a 3-minute video demo of Type to Learn 4.

I know that this sounds like a Sunburst ad because I took some of the material directly from their marketing material but I wanted to get that introductory part out the way.  Type to Learn 4 provides a motivating learning environment for the students and an incredible management system for their teachers.  This management system enables the teachers to individualize their students’ keyboarding experience to the point where it fits the specific needs of each learner. Each child is assessed at the beginning and then placed in the lessons that are most appropriate to their keyboarding skills.  This assessment is then repeated every 6 lessons to identify each student’s accomplishment and set new, reachable goals for the keyboarder to pursue in speed and accuracy.

I want to use Type to Learn 4 by Sunburst as an example of the many features that make a good program.  I know that this sounds like I am trying to sell the program but I assure you that while I was paid to consult in its creation, I have no agreement with Sunburst where I will receive any type of further compensation based upon the sales of Type To Learn 4.   Therefore, I would like to use this product as a base from which I can describe desirable characteristic and hopefully, you will provide your own personal feedback about what you consider important in a successful keyboarding program.

Stick with me for the next few posts about successful computer programs and provide your feedback about whether you agree with me or you think that my ideas are full of holes . . .

This process will take a couple of weeks to unfold but PLEASE provide your comments.



Comments on: "Type To Learn 4: What’s Important in Keyboarding Programs" (8)

  1. You make think this is the best software, but let me say this, wait till you have problems. And one more think, the tech support web site is of no use either.

  2. Sandy Artim said:

    Purchased this program for our computer lab at school and am very frustrated. Will not let me import students or enroll students manually. Every attempt freezes the program. Tech support web site is of no use! No possible fixes from Sunburst. I don’t know if it’s Vista related or some other configuration problem. Will think twice before I purchase another product from them.

    • Sandy,
      Please call me at 800-321-7511 and I can assist you with your issue. I have looked and we do not see any tech support requests from you regarding this issue. You are correct it could very well be related to Vista and how permissions are set up. Vista has been known to cause problems for many pieces of software.

      Dan Netzel
      Sunburst Technical Support

  3. We too found the so-called “knowledge Base” Sunburst online Tech Support utterly useless. Perhaps we’ll hear back on our second attempt at a “trouble-ticket”

    Once our 30 day Type to Learn 4 trial wound down and we decided to purchase the product we were instructed to uninstall the trial download (we did) and install the new downloaded version (we did). These downloads take more than an hour on our high speed connection but install seemed relatively easy.

    Not only did we lose student progress data for the trial period, an outcome we considered annoying but acceptable, but now we cannot adjust any of the supposedly customizable elements and the student progress tracking functions do not work at all.

    We are using the web based product on a Mac OSx machine.

    Very frustrating.

  4. Thank you for shared information

    Regarding typing test,
    In the 1980’s typing speed was one of the criteria to get jobs anywhere.
    But slowly this trend stopped and typing speed was not important to most of the employers.
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  5. Teachers, what programs would you recommend for a 5-8 computer lab? Any advice would be appreciated.

  6. Betsy Rubel said:

    I hate that Type TO LEARN 4 does not let kids save progress! We have kids that have been trying to get through a lesson for D A Y S and cannot finish in the time we have in the lab. Type to Learn 3 used to save partial lessons. This really stinks! Have a ticket in to try and find out if it is possible, have tried to call the 1-800 number and can NEVER get a person. I agree with the person saying that web-based FAQs and knowledge base have no information.

  7. Jasmine said:

    Just got this on my Windows 7 computers…. keeps freezing after pretest. I already troubleshooted (changing the security properties of the program) and restarted the computer and still no luck. Please reply/follow up!

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