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Warm Up for Mouserobics!!!


Looking for a fun mousing activity for your keyboarding learners?

Mouserobics is your answer!!!!

This simple but entertaining website hosted by the Central Kansas Library System is a winner. It takes the learner through 30 screens asking the learner to click on successive numbers along the way. These number appear in varying sizes and different screen locations to test the learner’s alertness and skill. As well as clicking on numbers, the learner is asked to use radio buttons, check boxes, drop down menus, and scroll bars.

This site is ready for kids from 5 through 105 years old. The accompanying text is written at about 5th grade, but that shouldn’t get in the way appealing to the younger crowd.

Happy Mousing,



BBC Posts Dance Mat Typing Program On-Line

picture-2.png  Would you believe that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has a wonderful on-line keyboarding website called Dance Mat Typing. It is filled with characters like a bellydancing hippo. I read about this site from Janet Lewis in Alabama through the Edtech.Listserv Google Group. She said that her higher elementary and middle school kids thought it was hilarious!!!! The only problem was that it was “too British.” Color was spelled Colour. But that’s OK. “Color” is “Too American” for the Brits. Enjoy.


More Keyboarding Games

Dog for Aunt LeeI received a comment under one of the other posts where a reader who calls herself “Aunt Lee” noted that she has collected links to a number of on-line games. I tried these and many of them are pretty good. They have a variety of motivators. One of them involves a game where you keep a skateboarder on his board as long as you are keying accurately.

Check out Aunt Lee’s page at http://www.auntlee.com/typinglinks.htm

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