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Consider this page your portal into a place where you can read about and discuss teaching keyboarding in the classroom. I have added this Keyboarding Research and Resources blog to the original website so that we can offer a database of the research and related articles.

Respond to these postings. Identify how they help you. Have you had experiences that relate to that posting? Do you have other research that is relevant to the ideas we presented?

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This is a collection of references about keyboarding. The entries have been indexed by the Categories that you will see on the right.

Software and Hardware:

Find links to various types of Software and Hardware.

Dr. Z’s Points of View

Read Dr. Z’s Points of View about keyboarding.  These may just be just ideas, or they may be the basis of an article that he is writing.  Dr. Z’s Website 

I sincerely hope that you find this website useful.

Leigh Zeitz, Ph.D.
(a.k.a. Dr. Z)
University of Northern Iowa

Send an email to Dr. Z at Leigh.Zeitz@uni.edu


Comments on: "About Keyboarding Research" (56)

  1. We have customers requesting research which addresses the use of SpeedSkin keyboard covers while using keyboarding software to ensure keyboard mastery. Also, they are curious about the recommended age/grade to use SpeedSkin covers in conjunction with keyboarding software. Thanks for any info you might provide. My phone: 800/558-7601.

    President, SpeedSkin, LLC

    • daniel shelton said:

      this is a great website everyone should go on here

    • Jeny Buchanan said:

      My students have successfully used SpeedSkins for years. We start with third graders and they find them challenging but at the end SS get the job done. This year our keyboards have slightly changed (HP touchscreen PC’s) and I am afraid our SpeedSkins won’t properly cover our keys anymore. I hope this can be fixed soon. Let me know if a new SS is coming out soon.

      • Jeny,
        Thanks for the feedback on the Speedskins. They can be quite useful. Did you see the research that I posted that showed keyboard covers were useful for the more standard keyboarding programs but the students who were using the game-based programs got frustrated with covers. They were more interested in winning the game so in some cases they removed the covers. =-)

        Leigh Zeitz

  2. Is there a good way to learn the number pad?

  3. Hi
    I was wondering if you know of research into the measurement of the effect on productivity of poor typing skills in organisations. I am keen to convince my organisation to take on touch typing as a skill it should offer its employees but it would be great if I could say “It will increase productivity by x%” – has anyone done work in this area?

    • daniel shelton said:

      yes i do all you have to do is go to google and type in what
      you are looking for it should pop right up;]

  4. Jennifer Casey said:

    Thank you for the research you have published this is the first site I could find that gave me information about keyboarding. Once again Thank You!

    • daniel shelton said:

      you are very welcome youns should have more customers than me
      becaus this is a great website

  5. Thank you for doing this. Keyboarding is often viewed as boring, unnecessary drudgery. Many “new” computer teachers want to skip this step and move on to the “fun” stuff. As a former business education teacher turned technology facilitator, I have never changed my belief in the importance of students learning to properly keyboard to obtain fluency, but I admit that I have backed off for the past couple of years. It seemed like a losing battle. Recently, I’ve started hearing rumblings of recognition that just maybe keyboarding does have some value and that kids don’t come out of the womb knowing how to keyboard. Hopefully, the tide is changing back a bit.

    • daniel shelton said:

      his program ant to bad i think it is one of the best programs i
      have been on yet for keyboarding

  6. Thanks so much for the site – I haven’t had a ton of time to explore yet, but I plan to. I’m a elementary/middle school keyboarding teacher in WI (certified Business Education pre-K – 12). I also ordered your book!

  7. Nancy Gilbertson said:

    I teach “keyboarding” at a secondary school in a juvenile corrections facility. All of my students have had keyboarding in their schools and/or used computer programs that teach keyboarding. No one coming in knows how to touch keyboard; all have been unsuccessful and have a negative attitude toward keyboarding. I use a packet that teaches touch keyboarding, is individually paced, and emphasizes correct keyboarding technique. After the keys are mastered, I move on to paragraphing, reports, letters, etc. The low-students improve in their language skills and have a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

    • I am an authorized trainer for the Almena Method of keyboarding instruction. With this method most people learn to type in one lesson, or about 3 hours. I am happy to provide information as to why it actually works. We have found that in that hunt and peek typist memorize the keyboard, and ‘experienced’ typist increase their productivity by about 25%. Please contact me if I may provide additional information, or be of service in any way. (760) 284-2315

  8. Nancy Gilbertson said:

    I have been teaching Keyboarding for 36 years, first as a business teacher and now as a special educator. There are no gimmicks that work and no easy shortcut ways to learn the keyboard. That is why only 10 percent of people who use keyboards can touch type and are productively lower than they could be. It takes time and focus, and the time varies by student.

  9. Karen Monahan said:

    I am a business teacher and teach some keyboarding classes. These classes are mainly 9th grade students. We spend 8 weeks introducing the keyboard and then 10 weeks teaching formatting of documents such as outlines, tables, reports, work cited pages, footnotes, etc. I believe this is a good semester course that meets 3 out of a 6 day cycle. It gives students the basics that will help them be successful when doing reports, etc.

  10. The question has come up is a desktop keyboard (full keyboard) better to teach keyboarding than on a laptop? Is there any research on this?

  11. […] About Keyboarding Research « Keyboarding Research & Resources […]

  12. Good job. 🙂 Interesting indeed.

  13. Thanks for your comment about my downloadable typing games — wanted to point out that I’ve also got over 50 *online* games on my site — one page of easy (letters-only) games and a page of harder (words & symbols) games. Plus, you can play TuxType2 online……


    I make a big effort to only link to sites that are kid-safe and that don’t have thousands of other links on the page to other games.

  14. I just joined this forum and wanted to say i’m glad to be a new member. 🙂 I hope I can contribute some of my knowledge here.
    Thanks & love.

  15. Antonio Pilla said:

    I’ve borrowed Dr. Z’s book from my local public library, and I’m finding it’s both a fantastic “how-to” book for beginning keyboarders and an excellent resource to help increase efficiency and accuracy for those who’ve already got keyboarding skills more or less down pat.

    I’m going to buy my own copy.

  16. Yvonne Moore said:

    Looking for any tips to break the cycle of bad keyboarding habits with middle school students

  17. Janet Burzyk said:

    I found this blog very interesting and could relate to some of the comments. I too was a Business teacher and now a Computer Tech. teacher and feel keyboarding is almost out the window. I use to teach keyboarding at the college level and now can barely fit it into my curriculum at the middle school level. For some reason, people feel that students are just born to know how to type properly. Of course this is not the case and practice is the only way to learn how to type properly and quickly. I still am a firm believer that we need to keep keyboarding in the curriculum and even at the high school level!!

  18. Janet Burzyk said:

    I have used both drills and Type to Learn 3 with my students over the years. I found Dr. Z’s pointers very interesting. One approach I have never used during the many years I have taught keyboarding is covering the keyboard. It seems Dr. Z’s testing shows that the students that learned by covering the keybaord the end results were a faster typist than the ones that did not cover the keyboard. I may try this out with my class. I also highly recommend Type to Learn 3. It is a great motivator to learn how to type for middle school youngsters!

  19. john hemingway said:

    i just purchased Dr Zeitz book and find it very informative, im ready to get started.

    • John Hemingway,
      I am glad to hear that you have purchased my book. I would be interested in hearing your comments on the book and how it addresses your needs in learning to keyboard.


  20. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  21. Does anyone know of any documented research material on the importance of Keyboarding.

    Also, what have you found to be the most effective grade to introduce Keyboarding?

  22. Hi Leigh,
    Thanks for the comment! I have been referring parents to your site all week during parent teacher conferences. It is by far the best collection of typing sites out there. We begin typing practice for 15 minutes a week using Type to Learn, Jr. in first grade and in second grade, they graduate to Type to Learn 3. Unfortunately, a lot of kids are getting no reinforcement at home. I might also take you up on the advice to cover the keyboard..that is one thing we don’t do at my school! Thanks for visiting my blog…


  24. I would like to appreciate first of all to all who would like to be the best typist by learning abc of typing especially keyboarding. I suggest if people learn keyboarding with a typewriter than in computer. I have learned in typewriting and I am always perfect when typing any document in computer the modern technology. Therefore, it is good to know and follow the steps by the right finger to the right letter. If possible I am in short of teaching material for the keyboarding and if possible can you send please this document the sooner the better. Thanks

  25. Solomon Tekle,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I don’t understand your request. Could you please make it more clear.



  26. Carl Lubicz said:

    I have decided to improve my typing since I never learned properly. I have the 2005 edition of Keyboarding Made Simple. On page 4 the fingers are named Forefinger (first), Index (middle), Ring and pinky. I found this confusing since I always thought the ForeFinger was the index finger. Then statring on page 14 the book instructs to place the index fingers on F & J. So now the index finger becomes the first finger and the the middle finger is now called “the middle finger”. Is this A typo of did I miss something. Also I came to this website to print the color version of the NOPEEKEE Keyboard, however it never loads onto my computer. It just stalls. Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue with the download capabilities of the web site? Also, is there an on-line typing tutor that you recomend? Please advise.
    Thanks Carl

  27. Carl,
    I think that you just found a mistake in the book. Thanks for telling me about it.

    Leigh Zeitz

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  30. Sasha Johns said:

    Are there any middle school keyboarding programs that are NOT individualized. While some students can breeze through all the lessons, others are months behind. I’d like everyone to be on the same page.

    • I don’t think that students should “all be on the same page.” They learn at their own speed. If some of your students are way behind, then you need to provide additional help or realign their required assignments so that they can progress.

      What do the rest of you think?


  31. Just come here from google, and found your blog worth to read, keep write. thanks for sharing

  32. steve maddox said:

    Is there any information or research on keyboarding speed and accuracy per age or grade?

    • I am not certain what you are asking. Are you asking if there are goals that students should reach depending upon their age?

      You should read the white paper I wrote on keyboarding research. http://tinyurl.com/5l4kpk
      There is a section on Practice that defines the WPM on amount of time spent learning to type rather than age or grade level.

      Personally, I just think that the students need to type faster than they can handwrite which is about 14 WPM.

      I hope that this and that reference will be helpful.


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  41. […] the keyboards so they can not see the keys become better typists faster than those who do not.  (https://keyboarding.wordpress.com/about/) AND it turns out that most people in the know believe 7 or 8 years old is the magic number when it […]

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