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Keyboarding and Your Child: Keys to Success

Keyboarding is an important skill for all students. Keyboarding involves using correct finger placement and building speed for optimal typing accuracy. When students develop a keyboarding proficiency at two to three times their average handwriting speed, it becomes an aid to the improvement of writing skills.

It is recommended that all students begin to learn correct placement of fingers on the keyboard as soon as they begin to use the computer. However, mastery is most efficiently attained at the fifth- to sixth-grade years. We highly recommend that students master keyboarding before they enter junior high. Here are some interesting facts regarding learning to keyboard:

  • The Learning Disabilities Network Exchange, Vol. 14, No. 1, Spring/Summer, 1996: Keyboarding: Keys to Success–Especially for Students with Dyslexia” by Diana Hanbury King72 Sharp St, Suite A-2, Hingham, MA 02043 (Also check out Diana H King’s book, “Keyboarding Skills,” available through Educator’s Publishing Service, 1-800-225-5750.)
  • Children’s Software Review, Volume 4, No 5, Oct/Nov 1996: “Five Myths About Kids Writing with Computers”
  • Internet Resource: PM Keyboarding Knowhow: Research Overview Keyboarding. This cites research by Wetzel (1985) and Stoecker (1985) among others. . .



    LittleFingers®: The First and Only Adult-Quality Keyboard Scientifically Designed to Fit the Smaller Fingers of Children

    When it comes to learning to use a computer, children are at a distinct disadvantage because computer keyboards are designed for adults—not children. It is particularly frustrating for teachers and other educators to train students in the use of proper computing techniques when the keyboards they’re using are too large for their smaller hands. Now, LittleFingers® from Datadesk Technologies has eliminated these problems by designing the first keyboard specifically for children’s smaller hands and fingers.

    Computers, Keyboarding and 1st Grade Students

    Computers, Keyboarding and 1st Grade Students (2001) – Annecdotal article by Kathy Gathers (1st grade teacher) discussing how she teaches her 1st grade students to type in 5 – 10 minutes sessions.

    Primary Keyboarding Lessons to Enhance Writing Skills: An Ongoing Journey of Discoveries

    Primary Keyboarding Lessons to Enhance Writing Skills: An Ongoing Journey of Discoveries (2000) – Reflective report on this teacher’s experience of teaching keyboarding to the youngest students. Also provides suggestions for lessons.

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