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Keyboarding in Elementary Schools: Curricular Issues

Keyboarding in Elementary Schools: Curricular Issues (1989)
Provides historical context for keyboarding/typing and uses research to support when and how keyboarding should be taught.


Keyboarding Skills: When Should They Be Taught?

Education World ® – Curriculum: Keyboarding Skills: When Should They Be Taught?A short article which identifies 4th grade as the level for teaching keyboarding.

When and How Should Keyboarding be Taught in Elementary School?

When and How Should Keyboarding be Taught in Elementary School? (.pdf)A 2002 master degree paper written by Shannon Smith. Full of recent research.

NOTE: I have updated the link. The original version disappeared from the Web so I have uploaded it to an open Google Doc file.  You just need to click on the print button to turn it into a .pdf file that can be downloaded.  Please contact me if you have problems with this.

Research – Keyboarding and Your Child: Keys to Success

A 2006 article which reviews facts about keyboarding and provides some factors necessary to consider to decide a student’s readiness for keyboarding. Provides parents suggestions for supporting keyboarding.


Research – Who Should Teach Keyboarding and When Should It Be Taught

Who Should Teach Keyboarding and When Should It Be Taught

A 1997 article by Margaret J. Erthal which discusses research about when to teach keyboarding and what skills the teachers should possess.


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