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The Almena Method

picture-1 What would you say about learning the keys on the keyboard in an hour? The Almena Method claims that you can learn all of the key locations in an hour. It doesn’t claim that you will become an accomplished keyboarder in an hour, but they have a reference system for you to use to figure out which fingers you need to use for each of the letters.

The Almena Method is quite different from the standard style of mastering the homerow and then moving throughout the rest of the keyboard learning the keys. Almena King developed a series of mnemonic jingles to assist in remembering the key locations. Once you learn these

picture-2 jingles, you can just recite them to yourself to remember where you’ll find the letters.

Notice the first jingle, Quiet Aunt Zelda, is for the three keys you hit with your left pinky. Want Something eXtra is for your left ring finger . . . and so on and so on and so on.

The Almena method is available as a server-loaded program that will run through your school’s network. It is also available through the Web so that the students can run it at school and at home.

Does it work? We used it with a class of 4th graders and had reasonable outcomes. Not all of the students used the jingles. When we interviewed the students, only about half of them said that they used the jingles to find the letters. I think that it had something to do with their learning styles.

almenatitlepageThe program is not limited to learning the jingles. The Almena Method also includes a number of lessons that the students use to practice keying the letters they have learned using the jingles. It includes assessment tests as well to gauge student progress.

Have you tried the Almena Method?  How did it work?  What did you find that made it useful?



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  1. marie apollon said:

    I would like to know more about almena method

    • Hi Marie, my name is Dave I have been working with Almena for more then 10 years. Let me tell you why Almena’s Method is different. First you learn the keyboard layout in the first lesson. This is learned with mnemonics ie QAZ = Quiet Aunt Zelda and so forth. Once you learn which fingers type which keys you can type words and sentences. This is a huge advantage over all other methods! Because each time you use the keyboard you are practicing typing. Touch typing requires typing by touch and not having to look at your fingers. You can now watch what you type not where you fingers have to go. This allows you to concentrate on content and what you are writing, not what you finger are doing. For those that haven’t learned the difference touch tying makes think of driving you car, how much of a problem you would have if you had to watch the steering wheel and not the road; or having to look for the brake pedal in order to stop. You get my point! Touch makes a great difference on your performance. Just ask a touch typist!
      When I started working with Almena we were selling to Job Training Centers and they were actually teaching on Type Writers. With the Almena Method these Job Skill Centers were able to train students to achieve expert typist levels (more then 65 words per minute). At the time with the old methods they were having poor success and were experiencing a high percentage of drop outs if you can’t type you won’t get a good job!
      The biggest obstetrical is no one believes it can work. I didn’t when I first met Almena I was quickly convinced by this simplicity, effectiveness and innovative method. I have scores of success stories I could tell you about… people quit school because they couldn’t learn to type and after they learned using the Almena method to type were motivated. Students getting higher grades because they could easily redo a book report and found they could do their home work in 1/10 the time.
      Please give it a try you nothing to lose and a life time with an expert Typing skill to gain!
      Almena is the best!

      • MR.Dave Raven .i m ehsan i read and see the vidoes of almina tayping method em realy impressd .mr dave after 29 days i have an tayping test for job and at this time my tayping speed is nothing please please sugest me what i can do????can adop almena method or any other?????

      • Please visit our web site at http://www.almenatyping.com, You can try from memory writing down the letters for each finger start with your little finger on the left hand (qaz). You should be able to write down all of the letters qaz wsx edc rfv rfvtgb yhnujm ik, ol. p in 30 seconds don’t look at the keyboard!. If you can’t then you need to practice the finger(s) you don’t know. While you are typing don’t look at your fingers! If you have watch the keys then you are not typing by touch you are typing by loo! The Almena software has typing exercises design to help you.

      • It sounds so good is there any demo I could try please.

      • Visit AlmenaTyping on YouTube for a demo in the first part of the method. Because you learn to type in One 20 Minute Lesson the demo is not a practical way to market, we do offer a money back guarantee.

      • Thanks for the reference, Dave. Looks interesting.


      • I just ordered the Almena Typing and it was suppose to install on my PC. I have my confirmation number but nothing downloded on my computer?

      • Thank you for purchasing the Almena Download, Thank you for lettings know your email was incorrect. We have sent you another link so you can download your product. Enjoy the learning experience, make sure you know the keyboard finger by finger before beginning the typing lessons. This will really help you get off to a good start.


  2. Interesting. Though I don’t agree with this method. Keyboarding is a procedural skill so why teach it through declarative knowledge. When I type (or even when I learned to type), I do not think consciously where the keys are. If anything, I bet it would slow down typing as it would cause learning interference.

    Do you want to know what really helps students type faster? PRACTICE! Just like playing a musical instrument, the more you practice, the better you get.

    • David Milne said:

      Very good points. It is estimated that 10,000 hours of practice are needed to become proficient at playing an instrument, writing, sports,etc. I don’t know how long it takes for typing. It is widely recognized that you learn skills faster and understand them better by hands-on training or practicing than listening to lectures or reading textbooks on the subject, although these are helpful but to a lesser degree.

  3. I am currently trying the Almena method as part of a refresher course with 9th graders. So far, so good! I think the students are enjoying it too, as it helps them to remember where the keys are without having to look. They are used to looking because they have been typing since they were 3! 🙂

    • Hi Darlene,
      Please contact us if you have any questions about the Almena Method Products, DVD’s Software or Manuals.

  4. Mark,
    Thank you for your comment on declarative vs procedural knowledge. The goal of procedural knowledge (how to do something) is to become so good at it that it becomes automatic. I must admit that keyboarding is so automatic to me that I have to think long and hard about where many of the keys are located.

    Having said that, however, all knowledge will begin as declarative knowledge (where we have to recall it to use it.) When we first learn how to type, we have to specifically think about the key locations. That is the strength of Almena’s program.

    What level do you teach, Mark?


  5. I need my typing skills to be elevated to 75 words a minute. I am so interested in the Almena Method

    • Your need to use the Almena method will be based upon your existing knowledge of keyboarding.

      If you already know the location of the keys, you don’t need the Almena method to get faster. If you don’t, then if could be helpful.

      If you just need to practice, then you need to practice. I would suggest that you do it with some sort of online typing program. You could even use some of the online free programs like Rock and Roll Keyboarding at http://plskeyboarding.wikispaces.com/ or Learn to Type
      http://www.learn2type.com/ or any of the online programs you can find on this Keyboarding Research website under the category of “On-line Keyboarding.”

      I hope this helps.


      • Sorry I was unclear. Yes, I need to learn keyboarding first.
        Then build up my speed and I need to do this absolutely fast.

    • Hi Katrina,

      The Almena Method is a full typing course. The method to first learn the keyboard is only part of the Almena Method. Learning to achieve expert typing skills is also a major part of the Almena Method. Almena Method products include DVD’s, Software and Typing Manuals.

      Please contact us if you have any questions.

  6. Need to know keyboarding first. I have learn very quickly.

  7. I’m currently teaching an adult student who needs to get better acquainted with keyboarding. I remember the Almena method from my high school days, though the jingles have changed (What Stops X-rays? Even Dogs Can’t!). I think I’d like to try him out on Almena, since, like the discussion above, I began by memorizing the jingles, and then eventually it became so automatic that the map of the keys wasn’t important anymore. Last time I timed myself, I was typing at 60 wpm. Don’t know if that makes me a success story or not, but I sure do owe my own skill to Almena.

    • Congrats on your success with the Almena Method.
      We used it and the students did well, but I don’t know that it is the ultimate process. It does well for you to learn the location of the keys in when you are beginning. It takes a great deal of practice and reinforcement to hit 60 WPM.


    • Hi Chris,
      You learned with a modified version being supplied from a Canada, Almena’s jingles have always use been the same. Sorry for the confusion.

  8. I must admit that I don’t understand your question, Zaikhash. What do you need?

  9. Zaikhash said:

    Actually its been almost 1 week that m practicing for touch typing and i learned all the keys but still i am not able to type acurately please could u tell me how to type at least 40 wps ??? what should i do to make my speed faster without any mistake

  10. Hi everyone,
    So I have spent hours and hours on trying to figure out which typing program I should buy.
    My speed now is 27 wpm (I look and I use about 8 fingers, but not the correct position). It now boils down to Almena Vs Mavis Beacon. What I’m looking for is: saving time on the short and long term, the option of testing my progress and knowing what I’m doing wrong to correct it, option of typing from imported .doc files (which Beacon provides)

  11. Hi I need to know if I should buy the Almena for children or not I will be teaching my own children do they make it a lot more attractive the course for children and will I need to buy the further courses anyway s they get better and better? Thanks

    • Almena works for people who like to use tricks for remembering things. I must admit that I haven’t seen it for a few years so I don’t know what they have done with it recently.

      Keyboarding is not something that you need to keep teaching. I have heard of schools with “Keyboarding 2”. That is ridiculous. Learning to keyboard is like learning to hit a baseball. You learn the skill through instruction and then you get better through practice. You don’t need to purchase additional classes in hitting a baseball and you don’t have to do that in keyboarding.

      Look through this KeyboardingResearch.org website and you will find some online keyboarding programs that might help your children.

      Good luck,

      Leigh Zeitz

      • The Almena Method is for everyone! It’s not just tricks! It works.

        I have met several educators that have the attitude that something so simple can really work or have other motives for putting down Almena. It has been of my 20 plus years promoting the Almena Method even expert typists can significantly improve their typing skill with The Almena Method and beginners really excel.

        The first presentation I made was to 4 graders in Huntington Beach CA 1989. The computer teacher there was noticeable impressed as she had “given up” trying to teach 4th graders to type and was amazed in 2 classes the students we typing so well. Within 2 years the Almena Method was in over 100 job skill training centers teaching typing.

        Developing a mental image of the keyboard is an essential component of learning to type and to do it well. It accelerates the learning process. For anyone to call The Almena Method “tricks” is immature and childish and only an attempt to be little the creator Almena King and doesn’t have a concept of how to teach this skill. A lot of companies and software developers want to make learning to type “a game” so they can get the schools to purchase a new product. Learning to play a musical instrument is not taught in games but as a skill you won’t see a teacher beyond 2nd grade purchasing music games to teach their students to be musicians, students need real skill development.

        My impression is the educational system is at a loss on how to teach keyboarding quickly. We know that traditional touch typing methods take weeks and months to learn using AAA SSSS DDD boring drills and all other typing training is based on the traditional method.

        As for the comment about the class in Keyboarding 2, I can only say that the students didn’t learn to type in Keyboarding 1; a reflection on the product used in the class. Perhaps a marketing ploy of lets sell them a program that doesn’t work in the first class so we can sell them a additional products for the second class.

        Learning to type is like learning to hit a base ball? How about golf or tennis if you us a program that doesn’t teach you good habits, will never hit a home run, or have a low golf score or win a tennis. If you want to be the best then you need the best program! You can practice all you want but if but if you didn’t learn correctly in the first place you will never be great. Typists learn bad habits from the poorly cooked up software they use and don’t even know it. Almena has developed a method to correct bad habits that is unique for each individual. Almena has got into the psychology of skill development and how to motivate people no matter what age. Students are motivated by success and that motivation pushes them onto greater success.

        I have provided many schools and job training schools over the years the Almena Method and it is my experience the teachers that really care about the students success seek out the best programs for their students. Who else teaches the keyboard layout in One 20 minute lesson or increases the average class performance 50%. Often educators says this is a claim, no it’s a fact! Claims are something that can’t be substantiated. The millions of people that have learn to touch type by “The Amena Method” can attest to it’s simplicity, effectiveness and methods!

        You don’t have to look for something that works if you know about the Almena Method! Simply follow the instructions, have success at your finger tips.

        See us at Almenausa.net

        President of Almena USA Training llc. See us on FaceBook!

        I am not sure Mr. Zeitz is making the statement about “I haven’t seen it in a few years” this doesn’t sound unbiased to me, all’s he has to do is to Google “The Almena Method” and can then provide accurate information on his blog!

      • Dave,

        Thanks for the response on Almena’s Method. She has a good program for learning to type. We used it for a whole year in our 4th grade class and even did research that measured its effectiveness. We didn’t compare it with other software so we don’t have an analysis of its comparative effectiveness, but we found that it worked better for some students than others. It depended upon how they processed the eye-to-hand connection.
        You will find our research at

        We do provide accurate information about programs like Almena’s Method on this website. I haven’t had a need to view your software recently so I have not “Googled” it to see the updates. Good luck with your software and Say “Hi” to Almena for me if you will, please.


  12. The Almena Method complete training software is available on the web site. Learn the keyboard in 20 min

  13. Hi is there someone who teaches the Almena Method in South Africa

  14. Thank you, James, and I will contact you when I want to learn more about the Almena Method.

  15. @Dave Raven, Re: “The Almena Method is for everyone!”

    > What about for those who chose to use a better keyboard layout such as Dvorak.

  16. How do i get the alamena method.i’m interested on it and i would like to buy it

  17. i like Almena method but i am poor.how to buy .

  18. Mahtab
    I ordered the Almena Typing several hours ago. I have received my confirmation number via email but, I haven’t received an email or link that I can download the software on my computer?

    • Sorry for the issue. Often the down load email is diverted to your spam folder. Sometimes the email address is miss spelled. Most often the instructions and key are sent within 1 minute.
      Thank you for your order.


  19. I would like to buy the software

    • http://www.almenausa.net order the “SPEED AND ACCURACY” version, enter “FACEBOOK” at check out for a 10% discount. Thanks

      • I purchased the online software yesterday but it wouldn’t work in Safari or Google Chrome. At first the company refused to give me a refund. After several emails back and forth they reluctantly did refund my money. I never was able to actually try the method to see if it worked.

  20. I’m a 40 year old man who types about 15 wpm is Almena good for me or do I look for something else?

  21. Jagat royal said:


  22. I purchased the online software Dec. 30, 2016 but it wouldn’t work in Safari or Google Chrome. And the company refused to give me a refund. After several emails back and forth they telling me the system work in their computer (which did not help) I decided to get my reimbursement through PayPal, And when they replay through PayPal, This unethical people wrote that I have been using their system already,” Big Lie” I never was able to actually try the method to see if it worked. PLEASE EVERYBODY BE CAREFUL!

  23. Reblogged this on akashvpm.

  24. Barnabas said:

    Please, I need help.
    when a user tried to log on to Almena typing tutor it gives an error message “Cannot add new user. Maximum number of users (3) has been exceeded!”. Thank you.

  25. is the almena method good for someone who already types 130 wpm

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