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Keyboarding 4 Kids

I just found an interesting video on YouTube showing how keyboarding can help dyslexic children succeed in school. They don’t have to worry about writing the word (letters) improperly because the computer always types the letters the correct way.  What do you think? Have you or your students/children had similar experiences?


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  1. SuzAnne Nave said:

    I had to comment on this. It is not just that the computer fixes everything for the student it is much more. First of all letter formation using cursive or print is a different physical process then punching out word patterns on a keyboard. Forming the word “stem” requires pushes and pulls of the hand, your mind having to retrieve the image of the letter(s) in the word whereas when you type it is a simple touch pattern that has been memorized by your finger. It is Lringfinger, Lpointerfinger, Lindexfinger, Rpointerfinger. My students often practice “writing” thier spelling words by typing them over and over on the computer. I watch to make sure that they are not using copy function.

    The computer also allows the students to move around text that is disorganized (often assoc with LLD) and delete repetative statements. It allows students to save their work and revisit over and over at a later time. It allows for other students to read and edit the work because it is neater.

    • Suzie,

      Thank you for your experiences in using keyboarding to assist students in language arts. Besides conveying words, a number of other side benefits have been demonstrated to accompany keyboard mastery. You can see some of it at http://i.ixnp.com/images/v3.70/t.gif

  2. I watched the video of Jennifer Keilck’s son Stefan typing. I saw that Stefan’s keyboard had 2 guards place on top. I am searhing for a device to put on top of a keyboard to help right and left hand placement for several of my students. Could someone give me information on those 2 guards– where I could find out more information on them and where I could obtain them. Thank you.

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