Where you can learn about, share, and discuss teaching keyboarding

Watch OUT!!!!! This will eat away ALL of your Time!!!

TypeRacer is a place where you can practice your typing by competing with other typists from all over the world.

You can practice by yourself, compete with friends or compete with perfect strangers. I couldn’t believe it but I saw some guy named Dave who was typing 150 wpm. THAT is amazing!!

It gets its name from the scenario that you are driving a race car and the faster you type, the faster your car will go.

I won the first few races that I typed. I was typing at about 44 wpm. It doesn’t let you make mistakes so if you mistype, you have to go back and retype it until it’s correct. The tricky thing is that I noticed as I got better, so did my opponents. They weren’t he same ones and it looked like they TypeRacer was mixing and matching to challenge me. Naturally, this kept me in “The Flow” (See Mihály Csíkszentmihályi ) and I lost complete track of time.

The only problem with this site is their choice of text to type. They have a totally innovative method for selecting text. They have you type quotes from movies. At the end of typing the quote, you can purchase the video if you wish. (ala Pandora.com) I say that this is a problem because some fo the text that I typed wasn’t appropriate for elementary school kids . . . but it’s good for you to practice.

Good luck and . . . .Happy Typing!!!!

Check this one out and see how fast you can go.


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