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It is quite obvious that learning to use ten-fingers on a computer keyboard is a low level skill. Most teachers know that such skills are best learned in short lessons, and that the skills should be practiced over time. Research tells us, too, that practice is best when it takes place in the context of use. That many teachers continue to debate both the when and how of keyboarding lessons, suggests that the subject is still not quite understood in spite of known principles and the substantive research available. If you do have doubts about what should be done, it is worthwhile to look at the research…

Before computers, keyboard skills were taught by Typing Teachers in typing classes…

At the time formal keyboarding lessons are introduced, it has also been shown that software generated lessons are just as effective as teacher developed and directed lessons…

There is other research evidence to suggest that primary children are not ready to learn ten-finger keyboarding, but that they can still use keyboards productively…A good overall reference is the report titled Teaching Process Writing with Computers…



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