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All schools are introducing the proper techniques of keyboarding in the early elementary grades and are encouraging students to work on developing and using proper technique at every opportunity – in the classroom, computer lab, and most importantly, at home – that’s probably where they spend the most time on the computer, so parent involvement is very important. This site shares information for parents and teachers on keyboarding so everyone working with students will use every opportunity to help students learn keyboarding. It’s a valuable skill for every student in this technological world. Parents – do your kids a favor and encourage them to learn proper keyboarding technique.

With the widespread use of computers in schools and homes, keyboarding instruction has moved down to the elementary grades. Younger and younger children are becoming fluent computer users and it is important for them to learn proper keyboarding techniques early so that they do not develop bad habits that are very hard to break.



Comments on: "Keyboarding in the 21st Century" (3)

  1. Maria Calderone said:

    What and how is technology changing, which will make traditional, keyboarding a dinosaur? Please give examples.
    Do you feel this is a good transition or not and why?
    Please answer the question and respond to two others in the class.

    What is changing in technology today are the devices we use. The traditional typewriter is no longer utilized. Gone are the days of correction tape and having to re-type something. In the present day we have so many computers, I-Pads, blackberrys, etc. available to us and along with them software that makes it easy to type something once and save it for future reference. The children of today have it much easier.

    Although I feel it is a good transition, it is best to learn how to type the traditional way so that you are always familiar with it. It may be a little harder in the beginning, but once you learn how to it is just something that you can master and get better at.

  2. Iliana Cardenales said:

    Technology now a days is to many like an alien from outer space. We have to adapt and learn all the new technology in order to make ourselves inexpendable. So much has changesd from the times when we were in high school taking keyboarding class. Technology has evolbed on all angles from televisions to phones. Our grandkids will never know what a tube television was and they will never see a rotary phone. Perhaps technology has advanced so much that we are becoming a lazier society in the sense of using our brains. Everything is so laid out and easy for us to access unlike before that we use to have to research or read a book and gather up all necessary information. We have gone from the old fashion typewriters to word processors and now computers. Things have progressed slowly but surely. There is now a new phone about to be released that is apparently going to have a virtual keyboard.what else is going to change?

  3. Iliana Cardenales said:

    Your absolutely right all of what use to be advanced technology in our era of growing up is but a memory. So much has changed for us and is still changing for our kids. This new technology is both beneficial and detrimental to us and our youths. People are becoming so reliant on this new technology that they no longer try learning things or evolving with the current resources available. Absolutely the days of using correction tape with a typewriters are but a mere memory but so is the word processing days as we once knew them. Technology is in all that we do and the more that we evolve technologically the less we bother to learn and absorb information mentally.

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