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Improving Computer Keyboarding Skills in 3rd – 5th Grade Students
J. Troy Robinson at Nova University. This practicuum report reviews a 12-week instructional program 3rd – 5th graders.


The lack of computer keyboarding skills in third through fifth grade students was addressed by the implementation of a 12 week instructional program in the computer laboratory classroom of the target elementary school. All students in third, fourth, and fifth grade classes, regardless of varying exceptionalities, participated in the program. The program will contained five basic strategies for developing keyboarding proficiency: 1.) direct instruction on keyboarding techniques, 2.) guided review and practice for keyboard familiarization, 3.) brief timed sessions to determine speed, 4.) instruction on a word processor, and 5.) using the word processor for original composition. The percent of students in grades three through five who achieved 18 gross words per minute was 55, 58, and 69 for each grade respectively. This increased typing proficiency and improved word processing skills resulted in greater enjoyment of the computer as a creative tool. The writer measured success of the project by comparing statistics from computer-generated records, students’ records of timed practice sessions, and teacher-made assessments. The final measure of success was the production of original creative works written by the students on the computer. Appendices include permission requests, timeline of activities, student log sheets, and attitude survey.


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